Biblical Geology: The Scientific Method of the Gap Theory

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Witness the most accurate account of creation as taught from Scripture and verified by science and history. No stone is left unturned as we venture through the following fields of study: Stratigraphy, Meteorology, Obliquity, Dinosaurs, the Fossil Record, Star Light, the Ice Age, Pangaea, Greek, Hebrew, Angelology, Creation, the Fall, History, and Theology. Discover how the Gap Theory provides a workable model that functions properly within theology and geology frameworks. Watch the Gap Theory as it poses, answers and tackles tough questions:

• How do the dinosaurs fit into Creation?

• Were Mountain Ranges really formed in Noah’s Flood?

• How does the Ice Age fit into the Biblical Narrative?

• How do Meteor/Asteroid Impact Sites fit into the Biblical Narrative?

• How does the Geologic Column fit into the Biblical Framework?

• Does Let, Made, Formed, and Create all mean the same thing?

• Does Replenish in Genesis 1:27 mean “fill”?

• Does Genesis 1:2 really describe an unformed and unfilled earth?

• Does the Bible adamantly declare that the material universe was created in the Six-Day Narrative?

• Was Adam immortal before his fall?

• What did Philo and Josephus teach about the first few verses of Genesis?

• How does creation doctrine affect other doctrines?

• Is creation a part of God’s qualitative attributes, or is it just limited to the Six-Day Narrative?

• Is it logical or illogical to propagate an Appearance of Age Theory when defending a Young Earth?

• Did the Bible writers teach an Old or Young Earth?

• When was the creation made subject to vanity? Pre- or Post- Fall?

Don’t miss the Gap Theory as it carefully gives an account to the Geology and Theology spectrums, proving that it is the paradigm for Biblical Creationism.

A Must for Every Person in the Ministry!

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Biblical Geology: The Scientific Method of the Gap Theory

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