Biblical Psychology: A Biblical Hand-book to the Human Mind

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It has become common knowledge that Christianity in America is in a psychological crisis. As the answers to our problems are continuously being expressed by external remedies such as addiction programs, self-help teachings, ministry adventures, 100 ways to…, the average state of the inner Christian (1st Tim. 4:8) is starving.

Biblical Psychology brings the human mind out of the shadows of intellectual dogma and into the forefront of hermeneutical criticism. Although it is believed that the mind is the most powerful machine in the world, we find that it is impossible to tap into its energy without properly understanding the purposes behind its intellectual properties: attention, conscience, emotion, heart, imagination, knowledge, memory, opinions, perception, reason, understanding, and thought.

• What is logic and how do I use it rightly?

• What is my conscience and how do I keep a good one?

• What is the purpose of my memory and how does one delete the bad and unwanted files from it and upload the right?

• Do my feelings ever lie and are they a trustworthy gauge to make decisions off of?

• In what part of the mind does depression exist, and can it be beat without medication?

• What is the purpose of knowledge?

• How can I determine if my perception is right or wrong?

• What is the purpose of the imagination and is it possible to bring the things therein to fruition?

• What is the most practical way to have a positive attitude?

• How do I overcome my addictive behavior, negativity, fear, inferiority-complexes, etc.?

Answering questions like these helps one get control of his out-of-control mind. Biblical Psychology teaches what the mind is, how it works, what its safeguards are, and how to use it rightly.

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Biblical Psychology: A Biblical Hand-book to the Human Mind

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